About us


In 2004 I opened my first studio, before this I graduated in Vilnius academy of arts in fashion design. Through these 11 years our work was getting better and our team was getting bigger.

Today we own a cozy clothes shop in the oldtown of Vilnius. We create clothes for real fairies. For females, mothers and their daughters. We also take individual bookings in our studio.

We have 3 clothes categories:

Clothes for everyday- which are suitable for every occasion. Every piece of clothe is special - they are different with decoration, idea and fabric. The real fashionistas will love this line! 

Evening dresses-these ones are for special occasions and real fairies. If you want to be in a spotlight, this is exactly what you need.

Wedding gowns- is our main specialization. Every designer's dream is to create a wedding dress for the most special day in a woman's life.

As you enter our studio, you are going to feel how the new ideas are born, with love and special attention to details. We want to make something unusual, something that will fit women, whose world and life style is different and mystical. Something, that will make everyone turn when she is walking by. We are what we think. The problem is, no one can see what we think. Our inner world can be very rich, but no one will ever know, as well as no one will read your book or won't see your painting or won't hear your song, because you choose silence. Be brave and let them know about you. Speak. We want our clothes to be your first words. 

Fashion designer of "Tiulio fėja" Viktorija Jakucinskaite